Reduce your plastic waste with our huge range of gravity bins of basic dry, mostly organic wholefoods – bring your own container or fill one of our paper bags.  In a hurry?  All our wholefoods are available ready-bagged in paper or compostable cellophane bags.  And because we buy in bulk we can pass on the savings to our customers, so you can save money AND plastic!

As well as the refills and bulk wholefoods we also provide a huge variety of good quality, ethically and sustainably sourced wholefoods, including lots of delicious vegan chilled and frozen food.  Our customers are always commenting on our wide range.  And as we all need a treat every now and then we do lots of chocolate, cakes and treats, with quite a few 'sugar free' and 'low sugar' options and a growing range of plastic-free treats in compostable packaging.

Everything in the shop is vegan, except for a local high-welfare honey from Burnley.  I would personally still be a vegan even if it was wasn't good for my health, as I am mainly concerned with the environmental and animal welfare implications of a non-vegan diet.  However, nowadays it seems that as well as being far better for the planet and animals, a vegan diet is generally acknowledged to be good for health!  So I'm very happy, and not a little surprised, to be doing something so universally popular.  And, I'm glad to say, people now understand that  you can eat vegan food even if you are not a vegan!

And then there are the organic fruit and vegetables that we sell every day, and we also offer veg boxes twice a week either for collection from the shop or delivery by electric bicycle (see Veg boxes just below and Cargodale on homepage).

Please visit/call the shop or order online.

Photo of the inside the Todmorden shop in Yorkshire - showing some of our wide range of good quality, ethically and sustainably sourced wholefoods

refill pricing

some latest additions

Plastic-free  household items

... plastic-free household items, from suppliers like Rowen Stillwater and EcoLiving – no-plastic and carbon-neutral businesses

It's such a pleasure receiving deliveries of stock in cardboard boxes with paper packaging – and not a bit of plastic in sight!  We are increasing our range all the time, but at the moment we have lovely wooden hairbrushes, nailbrushes, washing-up brushes with spare heads, wooden combs, vegan food-wraps and refresher bars, wooden clothes pegs, beautiful little soap dishes made from olive wood, stainless steel straws, 'unsponges' and coconut scrubbers, washing-up soap blocks, tea diffusers... plus much more.  Why not pop in and browse?

core products

Wholefood refills

Refills are at the heart of what we do at Tod Almighty...

Since moving to the new shop we now have the room for a whole range of gravity-dispenser bins for a wide selection of wholefoods – so our customers can refill their containers brought from home, or fill-up one of our bags.  (We sanitise the handles of the dispensers regularly and encourage customers to use our hand-sanitiser on entering the shop.)  This means we can reduce plastic waste and pass on better prices to our customers.

We also bag-up the wholefoods in bulk into either paper or cellophane bags, both of which are compostable – so if you're in a hurry or have forgotten your containers, you can still get what you need.

Upper image: Customers may use our gravity bins to dispense a wide selection of wholefoods into their own containers or our free compostable bags

Lower image: The same wholefood products are also available pre-packaged at similarly keen prices for the convenience of customers

Our new organic fruit and/or veg boxes are available for collection or delivery

Veg boxes

Our organic fruit and/or veg boxes are available for collection or delivery Tuesdays and Fridays

Available in Small (£12.00), Medium (£16.00), Large (£20.00) and Extra-large (£25.00) sizes, and as mixed fruit-and-veg or vegetables only.  All our fresh fruit and vegetables are organic

Baking sundries

Vanilla essence, agar agar flakes, Engevita nutritional yeast, Kallo stock cubes, Natex yeast extract and Vecon stock, flour for baking, breadmaking, etc. – all sorts, including gluten-free

Sweeteners & salt

Sugar, molasses, agave, date syrup, malt extract, maple syrup, sea salt, Himalayan pink salt

Sauces & chutneys

Hot sauces, harissa, chilli sauce, Stubbs liquid smoke, pesto, pasta sauces, vegan hollandaise and mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, salad dressings, chutneys, Tamari & Shoyu soya sauces (some available in refills), Clearspring Rice Miso

Crackers, biscuits & pasta

Crackers, biscuits, pasta, gluten-free pasta

Jams & patés

Meridian sugar-free jams, Vego chocolate spread, Traidcraft marmalade, vegetarian patés


Olive, walnut, sunflower, sesame, rapeseed, coconut, almond, flaxseed (some available in refills)


Red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, Biona organic apple cider vinegar (available in refills), Umber organic apple cider vinegar, Suma balsamic vinegar

Miscellaneous foods

Tinned tomatoes, baked beans, soups, beans, lentils, pineapple, chickpeas, curries, braised tofu, olives, tomato puree, passata

Nut butters

Peanut (from Meridian and local supplier Proper Nutty), cashew, walnut, almond


Cocoa powder, Barleycup, Percol ground coffee (in compostable bags), instant coffee, tea, herb teas

Juices & cordials

Fizzy drinks, bottled water (not in plastic)

Plant milks

Soya, Oatly, almond, coconut, hemp, pea, oat, soya cream

Savoury snacks

Gatthia, Bombay mix, sesame sticks, Two Farmers crisps (in compostable packaging)

Chocolate & sweets

Vego, Montezuma, ichoc, Jeavons, Mr Popples, Hadleigh Maid, Booja booja, Tony's Chocolonely, Ombar, Nakd, Doves flapjacks, Anandas marshmallows, Rhythm 108, Trafo, Two Farmers, Growers Garden Broccoli crisps, gathia garlic sticks, Bombay mix...

Chilled & frozen foods

Follow Your Heart mayos and cheese, Tyne Chease cheese, Naturli vegan butter, Suma spreads, Sheese, Cheazly and Violife cheese, Taifun & Clearspot tofu, Raw Health sauerkraut, Biomel kefir, Wheaty Salami slices and Space Bars, Tofurky, V-Bites, Delphi hummus, Bonsan, Sgaia, Yoghurts from Sojade, Oatly & Coyo, Impulse Tempeh, Quorn vegan pieces, Oomph! One planet pizza, Linda McCartney, Clives, Good Life, Amy's Kitchen, Fry's, Ice cream from Booja Booja, MiiRO, Pip fruit ice lollies, vegan haggis

Toiletries & personal care

Soaps and shampoo & conditioner bars from Suma, Friendly and Tree Harvest.  Other toiletries and skincare from Faith, Heavenly Organics, Georganics, Humble, Natracare, Simply Gentle

Tissues & wipes

Toilet rolls and kitchen rolls from Suma, recycled paper with compostable packaging; tissues and babywipes from Cheeky Panda

Other household

Household items from Loofco, If You Care, Waste Not, DW2, Maistic, Thought bamboo socks


Vegan dog food and compostable dog poo bags from Benevo


Nameste, Suma, Boulevard string bags


Hot vegan pasties made by Jane Crawford of Pennine Pasties.  Not surprisingly they are very popular as they are really delicious, and Jane brings out new varieties every so often.  Available either from the hot cabinet every day or chilled and uncooked from the fridge

Herbs & Spices

Behind the counter we have LOTS of herbs and spices, teas, dried flowers, etc., in jars, and we can refill your home containers for you, thereby saving lots of packaging, and often lots of money as well!  We can also bag-up any quantity you like into compostable cellophane or paper bags.  This is Clare, by the way.

Gluten-free (& vegan)

Pasta, lasagne, bread from The Incredible Bakery, Clive's Pies and Amy's Kitchen in the freezer, flapjacks and brownies, muesli and cereal, organic GF porridge oats


One of our favourites, magnesium flakes can be added to a bath for a luxurious, soothing soak.  They are really good for the skin, joints and muscles, and for overall health.  And they help you sleep!  They are transdermal, so you get your fix of magnesium while it bypasses the digestive system.  We love these flakes, and have managed to source a really good value supply

if you don't see what you want, please ask