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Hello, I'm Sally Hayes and I run Tod Almighty.  I've started this blog because I want to offer some back-story on why we sell what we do, why we think some of our suppliers are brilliant, and ideas for living more sustainably.  I hope you enjoy reading it.  You can reply to any of the posts below (but replies are moderated to avoid spam) – I look forward to hearing from you!


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Fair Trade and rainbows

We try to get in as much Fair Trade stock as we can in the shop, so we have quite a lot of the teas, coffees and chocolate that are fairly traded. Plus a few other things like pineapple chunks, rubber gloves and peanut butter. What is Fair Trade? Well, as the Fair Trade Foundation says... "Fairtrade means fairer pay and more power in the hands of farmers, so that they can create change for us all, from investing in climate friendly farming techniques and clean water for their community, to nurturing women leaders and making sure children get an education. When you choose Fairtrade, you’re choosing the world you want to see."

It’s the classic thing of the pound in your pocket having the potential to profoundly affect people’s lives, as well as the environment. It’s also 'fair' in that you are paying the price you should for a sustainable product, rather than paying less than it is worth and kicking the cost of the environmental implications down the road for future generations. So, we think it is a JOLLY GOOD THING and there should be more of it all the time there is a need for it. Which there certainly is at the moment, unfortunately.

Which is why I was tempted to try some rather nice 'non food' items of stock for a change. Shared Earth is a company that is dedicated to fair trade and with a mission to 'To improve the livelihoods of disadvantaged people in developing countries, benefiting local community projects and keeping alive traditional skills that would otherwise be lost.' (read more about them here: And they do a lot of rainbow stuff, and I have been obsessed with rainbows for years and finally everybody else seems to be joining me in my little multi-coloured arching happy space!

So I’ve taken the plunge and now you can buy all sorts of stuff, from rainbow teapots to jute shopping bags to rag rugs, plus loads of other new stock like incense sticks, essential oil defusers, glass suncatchers, hand carved wooden trivets and coasters, colourful mosaic mirrors, and loads more (see elsewhere on this website) – all made from sustainable or recycled materials and all ideal for a useful and cheering present either to yourself or for some other lucky person.

We all need to keep cheerful!


Clare, Graham, Krista and Sally (waving) outside the new shop.
Clare, Graham, Krista and Sally (waving) outside the new shop.

Welcome to the Tod Almighty blog!

Hi there, and welcome to Tod Almighty's new blog! We are delighted to have our own blog at last and many thanks to my brother John Hayes of Webmaker.UK for doing such a fantastic job with setting it up. Here we're hoping to give our customers a bit more background information about our shop, our ethics, the stories behind our suppliers and stock, and about how you can reduce your plastic waste and your impact on the environment. As well as other things, like recipes etc.

Let me introduce ourselves. I'm Sally – the one with grey hair in the photo above, and I've been involved in sustainability and organic food, both as a grower,a producer, a parent and a shopkeeper for rather a long time. I work with some fantastic people in the shop – Clare, Graham, Krista, Rowan, Sayaka, and the other Clair – and in fact we are just recruiting, so if you are looking for work you could get in touch.

Our aim in the shop is to enable our customers to reduce their plastic waste by buying refills, eat a healthy vegan diet with as many organic choices as possible, to support other local businesses, and to behave responsibility and respectfully to the earth, its animals, its people and the environment. We're also keen to do our bit towards tackling climate change, which will probably be the biggest challenge we have ever had to deal with in our history. Phew!

But here on the blog we aim to be interesting – hopefully – and to have some fun!

Lots of refill cannisters for customers to fill their own containers
Lots of refill cannisters for customers to fill their own containers

We also bag-up the bulk wholefoods into compostable cellophane bags
We also bag-up the bulk wholefoods into compostable cellophane bags

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